g-Xperts was founded in 2011 by Herwig Baumberger as managing director together with partners in Vienna. In February 2018, Baumberger acquired the company via management buy-out and rename it to GXperts GmbH (www.g-xperts.net).

Our business location services make us unique. Our product consists of a location platform combined with excellent service for quality management and site maintenance on Google My Business. We combine world-class technology with expert service to keep thousands of business records up to date for our clients.

We are the experts for geo-applications as well as complex and particularly powerful cloud applications. Our company is Google Partner, Google My Business Featured Partner and CARTO Preferred Partner.

Our Team

The g-Xperts team consists of Google-certified experts for software development and cloud architecture, data engineering, geoinformatics, data management, Google My Business and location services, project management and design. We are a young, dynamic, international team of motivated women and men and we are constantly growing.

Our solutions

Our focus is the development of our own software and service solutions and customer support in the areas of Google Maps, Google My Business and Cloud. We want to be the best in our specialist fields and work with reliable partners. Our software and services support our customers in achieving their goals.


Herwig Baumberger (pictured) is the managing director and owner of g-Xperts. Before starting as an entrepreneur in 2011, he was head of the electronic media department of a well-known Viennese publishing house and marketing manager of a weekly newspaper. He is the founder of the company and a source of ideas for business location services, which are entirely developed and operated by g-Xperts. In addition to managing the company, he is responsible for marketing and international partnerships.