Chrome for Enterprise

Chrome for Enterprise

Chrome combined with G Suite

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser and most secure browser (according to BSI). With Google Chrome for Business, you can use the Chrome browser in your organization and manage it centrally.

Your advantages

  • Various administrative tools, resources, and installation packages (in addition to the Chrome browser) to deploy and govern Chrome in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Admin console to configure extensions that coworkers can access through the Chrome browser. You can z. B. Preconfigure the Chrome browser for users so that access is through a proxy server
  • More than 200 policies to meet your business needs and make the Google Chrome browser fully configured to your users
  • Signing in with a Google Account (G Suite or Private Google Account): the same settings and bookmarks, sync history on all signed-in devices
  • When logged in: automatically logged in to all other Google services such as G Suite or Google Photos, etc.
  • Security and protection: guaranteed by the use of security technologies such as safe browsing, sandboxing and automatic updates to protect against, for example, malicious websites


Google Chrome devices

With a new generation of business devices, Google Chrome will help you get solutions for all cloud-based applications – in both large and small businesses. Chrome offers efficiency and speed as well as maximum security through an integrated encryption system. It also allows easy sharing of devices through cloud-based profiles of employees.

Choosing different Chromebooks with different designs, specifications and prices is great. All Chromebooks are highly efficient and secure with the most advanced and easy-to-use technologies.

Chrome Base
Chromebase is a simple multipurpose device perfect for desktop computing and other computing applications. The range of devices here is not quite so wide, but there are still two different devices with special features.

Chromebox is a compact computer device ideal for daily work. There is a selection of different appliances, all of which are purposefully simple and narrow.

Chrome EBIT
With the small device every screen becomes an “intelligent display”. Monitors and televisions are transformed by the computer stick into a full Chrome computer.