Chrome for Meetings

Chrome for Meetings

Google Chrome developed a solution for meetings with participators all around the world. This solution is based on Google Hangouts. In the process also several devices arose for your frictionless Online-Meetings. The software allows you to plan and execute conferences with internal and external members on up to 25 devices. During the meetings you can share content with links and edit them together. The easy deployment and the uncomplicated administration makes it easier for you to use the software. At the same time you save time with the installation of the devices and with the updating from updates which is automatically. In addition administrators can control and supervise devices by Remote-access. We advise you and find the right solution for your application.

Advantages of the Software

  • Schedule and execute meetings with internal and external employees on up to 25 devices
  • While meetings share and collaborate on content in real time using links
  • Easy to deploy, easy to manage
  • Saving time when setting up the devices and updating updates, which is automatic
  • Administrators can remotely control and monitor devices


Chrome Meetings devices
ASUS Chromebox for meetings: for meeting rooms with up to eight participants
ASUS Chromebox for meetings in large rooms: for larger meeting rooms with up to 20 participants