Google G Suite

Google G Suite

How are you using the tool?

Collaborating in real-time, realising BYOD (bring your own device) and simultaneously saving all your data in a revision-proof manner? With Google G Suite, this is entirely possible, whilst conforming to all relevant data protection regulations at the same time. Google G Suite is a highly integrated collaboration platform with email, calendar, chat, data storage, office editors and much more.
Google G Suite’s continuously expanding range of functions can be viewed on Google’s official website.

Applications integrated into Google G Suite
Google G Suite is just the beginning. Perfectly integrated intranet-, process-, ERP- and CRM-systems allow digitalisation to take place throughout the entire enterprise. We know the relevant tools, their creators, and, where necessary, the right integration partners as well.

File servers, identity providers and legacy systems on Google Cloud Platform
Our clients often have legacy systems that are intended to continue operations in the in-house computer centre after migrating to the cloud. Nevertheless, many underestimate the fact that file servers, identity providers and any additional applications can easily be run on the cloud today — at significantly lower costs and with improved accessibility at the same time.