g-Xperts partnering with GeoInsight

g-Xperts partnering with GeoInsight

g-Xperts and Geoinsight partner up to bring Business Location Services Platform to Turkey

g-Xperts and Geoinsight have joined forces in the effort to bring Business Location Services and Google Gold Standard to the Turkish market. From now on, customers can benefit from the great market know-how of Geoinsight and the technology of g-Xperts and Google Maps.

Being experts in developing retail location strategy and providing their customers with valuable location-based insights and analysis, Geoinsight is extending their services to include Business Location Services (BLS), to ensure the best online listing management service available is provided for their customers.

Many of the challenges for retail in Turkey are the same as everywhere else. Companies should have the same possibilities as well. With our product, we support omnichannel strategies for more than 60.000 branches globally in the effort of getting more customers into stores. We know how to manage data and reputation on Google and reach more than 90% of potential customers this way. Geoinsight knows the market here in depth. Together we will be able to help Turkish businesses a lot.

- Herwig Baumberger, CEO of g-Xperts

The product, a location data management platform based on Google Maps and Google My Business, was developed by g-Xperts since 2016 and has since successfully launched in the EU, Latin America and Russia. Jointly the partners offer local know how, a location management platform, a reputation management dashboard and a LIA (Local Inventory Ads) certified cloud based store finder too, in order to support businesses’ efforts best possibly to bring more online customers into offline stores.

Google Gold Standard is a standard developed by Google to provide businesses worldwide the best omnichannel performance on Google platform. It measures the efficacy of the use of digital channels, ease of use, accessibility and functionality of web design, accuracy of provided information and offers a strategy for the optimization of the means of communication. It is developed via the analysis of the massive customer behaviour data by Google.

We are very excited about this partnership and we look forward to a successful cooperation in many projects.

Herwig Baumberger, CEO


About GeoInsight
The company is a highly reputable business intelligence and data analytics company, focusing on providing location-based business intelligence to its customers via their own software, “MapInsight” and “Locater”, since 2014.


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