Google Maps becomes Google Maps Platform

Google Maps becomes Google Maps Platform

On May 2, 2018 Google has announced changes to Google Maps Premium Plan and Google Maps Standard Plan.
Here we present a summary of the most important changes.

Changes to Google Maps Premium Plan

First things first – there is no interruption of services. Google Maps Premium customers will be informed by us actively about the new possibilities. Especially customers whose contracts expire prior to September 2018 we will contact very soon. We will help select the right Google Maps Platform products for business applications.

These are the main innovations:

Simplification of licensing

OLD: Different licenses depending on the application (INTERNAL, EXTERNAL, OEM) or asset tracking
NEW: One license for all previous usage-based licenses.
Special regulations for asset tracking customers.

Minimum order is eliminated

OLD: Minimum order, depending on the license, different numbers of Maps Credits
NEW: No minimum, you pay for only what you actually use


OLD: High web service volume included in base the price. Annual payment for a fixed volume.
NEW: Monthly billing based on actual usage. Price advantages for customers with higher volume and working with partners.

Reporting will be improved

OLD: Limited options in the console and in the Support Portal
NEW: Improved evaluation options for customers and partners

Integration with GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

OLD: Partly integrated (web services)
NEW: All APIs completely in GCP

Support for all customers

OLD: Support for Premium customers only
NEW: Support to all customers with the possibility of higher support levels for business-critical applications

The new Google Maps Platform for Premium Plan customers is available from September 2018.

Until then nothing changes in the current Google Maps Premium Plan licenses.
For customers whose contract expires in the meantime, Bridge SKUs are offered for monthly licensing to stay with the current Google Maps licenses in the old licensing model.


Benefits when working with g-Xperts

as Google Maps Premium Plan customer of g-Xperts we will contact you to find a solution with which you can achieve the best value for your business. We will analyze your current usage in relation to the new license model and then get back to you with an optimized proposal for the future.


Your Advantages:

  • Our experienced and certified by Google experts assist in the transition, we help you get the Google Maps use optimized.
  • We offer payment by invoice for business customers
  • For higher volumes, we have the possibility of attractive volume discounts.
  • Through our long-standing partnership with Google we help you stay informed at first hand.


For questions please contact our maps team per email or through our contact form – we will get back fast. To customers who in addition to Google Maps Premium Plan also have Google Maps Standard Plan in use, for example for a website project in addition to an internal premium application, we recommend to contact us as with Google Maps Platform these projects have to be consolidated.