ORI 3.0 – Great opportunities for retailers to direct customers to their business. g-Xperts offers solutions!

ORI 3.0 – Great opportunities for retailers to direct customers to their business. g-Xperts offers solutions!

Vienna, May 27, 2020. This year and for the first time, g-Xperts participated in the trade association benchmark “Omnichannel Readiness Index 2020” (ORI) and provided a detailed analysis. In the third edition of the ORI, 45 retailers from different industries were compared in order to see how well their sales channels (both online & offline) are interlinked. The g-Xperts team examined their performance and used potential on Google Maps and Google Search for local findability and found a huge gap between customer demand and the current reality. The findings show that despite these features being a great tool which would guide customers to their branches, retailers leave many of the free features and the accompanying opportunities unutilised.

 The trade association presented the omnichannel standard for the third time in a row in cooperation with Google, the market research institute MindTake, and this year for the first time with the participation of g-Xperts. The result of the ORI: The trend of connecting the two channels – online and offline – in a single purchase process continues unabated. The online store should increasingly serve as a digital representation of the familiar branch.

 The success factors of the ORI 2020 and the detailed results are also published in the form of a poster. Download the poster here

Further Information from the Handelsverband can be found here


Untapped opportunities

 g-Xperts thoroughly analysed the performance and the used potential of retailers on Google Maps. Over 78% of consumers expect a display of branch opening times on Google Maps to name just one example. For the majority of retailers (90%), these are generally displayed correctly, but only 30% maintain the special opening times as well (public holidays or adapted opening times due to COVID-19 for example). Only around half of the examined retailers use photos of their locations and less than a third use their company logo, despite the many thousands of viewers, which can be reached, and the influence on purchase decision-making.    

 What is particularly surprising is the untapped potential of indirect search, which enables consumers to search for a product category or services rather than the company name itself. Only approx. 65% of the big players in Austrian retail use categories and keywords for their company. Less than 40% of retailers maintain company descriptions, despite these providing users with relevant information about the location and thus increasing the likelihood of it being displayed and found in local searches.

 “It was an exciting task to expand this extensive market research through a detailed Google Maps analysis”, says Ekin Altepe, Key Account Manager at g-Xperts. “It was astonishing to me how few retailers correctly use the resources available to them in this promising area, such as questions and reviews. Based on real customer experiences, the customer reviews provide particularly valuable insights into the brand experience and thus also offer the valuable potential to stand out from the competition.” 

“With a range of over 90%, Google Maps is by far the best way to show potential customers the way to the branch,” says Matthias Zacek, Head of Business Development Europe at g-Xperts. “It is a shame that many stationary retailers use the free features so little. These not only ensure a better brand experience but also demonstrably increase the likelihood of a visit. Companies that provide the right information in the right form to the user gain significant and measurable competitive advantages. We help to identify and use this potential,” explains Zacek.


More customers in the branch

Herwig Baumberger, founder and managing director of g-Xperts, explains why they are taking part in ORI for the first time: “ORI is the most important measuring instrument for omnichannel readiness in Austrian retail. We are very pleased to be able to contribute to ORI this year with our Google My Business know-how and thus give the Google Maps and search component of ORI even greater weight on the way to the branch. ”

Judith Dobretzberger, Retail Lead at Google Austria, sees some improvements, but also a lot of potential for Austrian retail: “ORI 2019 showed that more and more retailers are following customers’ needs, such as the filterability of products based on store availability for example – this number alone has doubled since ORI 2019. Prominent in the potential analysis this year: A large delta when using Google Maps. There are still many opportunities for Austrian retailers to navigate customers into the branch, e.g. with a branded PIN on Google Maps. We are pleased to see that ORI is being used so heavily – as the basis for the right investments as part of the omnichannel strategy. ”


About ORI 2020

For the study “The Handelsverband Omnichannel Readiness Index”, selected omnichannel retailers were analysed in February and March 2020 based on around 100 criteria using desk research. At the same time, further criteria were raised in a retailer survey (Computer-assisted web interviews). The criteria from the desk research contribute towards seven different categories. Furthermore, the importance of the criteria for the customer was assessed in a representative online survey among 1,000 Austrians who order online at least every 6 months. Important criteria significantly boost the overall result, whereas unimportant criteria have a lesser contribution. Therefore, not only the presence of omnichannel features is rewarded, but also the availability of valuable services for customers. The catalogue of criteria is based on an ideal omnichannel offer that could be implemented according to today’s standards. A retailer can achieve a maximum of 100% in the analysis. The criteria catalogue was developed by the trade association in cooperation with Google and MindTake. In 2020, an analysis of Google Maps performance by g-Xperts will also be included for the first time. The criteria were adapted in 2020 compared to 2019 and supplemented by additional omnichannel criteria.


About g-Xperts

The Viennese company g-Xperts is a Google Premium Partner for Google Cloud, Google Maps and a featured partner for Google My Business. With a focus on location management, g-Xperts ensures its customers that users will always find the right, brand-compliant and current information on Google Maps. With the Business Location Services, g-Xperts offers a unique solution that Google has honoured with the Location Innovation Challenge Award. In addition to an interface service and a location service centre, which can be used to respond to customer reviews, for example, the product also includes extensive personal full service for quality management and maintenance of locations on Google My Business / Google Maps. Internationally, tens of thousands of location entries for customers are kept up to date, optimized and the basis for ideal omnichannel experiences for retailers and their customers is ensured. https://www.g-xperts.net/


Matthias Zacek

Head of Business Development Europe

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