Wabion becomes g-Xperts

Wabion becomes g-Xperts

In 2011 we started as Wabion Austria. Since February 2018 after a management buyout we became g-Xperts.

Herwig Baumberger is very pleased to announce the successful Management Buy Out at Wabion Austria, through which he is now the sole owner of the company, whose managing director I was the last seven years. As part of the acquisition, the company name is changed to GXperts GmbH, all other legal company details remain the same.

I thank my business partners Michael Walther and Volkmar Binder,  since 2011 co-founders and co-owners of Wabion Austria for the successful cooperation so far and look forward to the further friendly partnership. We will continue to hold on to our successful business orientation in the future and expand our expertise in these areas, or even rely on new fields and markets.


Successful Partnership

We continue to be an enthusiastic Google Partner with a strong focus on Google Cloud and Google Maps, technologies we’ve been successfully using for our clients in recent years. We will also increasingly assist customers to succeed in the world of the Google Cloud Platform and provide expertise in many areas of the Google Cloud.
We continue to represent CARTO as a partner with our expertise in shared clients.
The Lucidworks Fusion search technology will continue to round out our portfolio in the future, enabling us to provide our clients with a secure and successful transfer from the GSA to a great new search technology.

In addition to these partnerships, we continue to rely on our own products. We offer products for geo-based remote analysis for insurance, industry and agricultural and forestry production as well as route planning and dynamic route optimization for delivery fleets.

Of great importance are our Business Location Services. We offer customers with many shops a location data service that allows them to keep thousands of locations on multiple platforms, especially Google My Business and Google Maps, up-to-date. Always under the supervision of the careful looks of our Location Expert Team. Of course, we also offer our customers the collected evaluation of reviews, ratings and usage data. Our team currently maintains about 40,000 locations globally. We plan to further internationalize the service this year.