Agile Software Development

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Web and Application Development using JavaScript

Over the last years, JavaScript has established itself as the new standard of programming language for web and business solutions. This development is also to thank to Google, which is programming many of its application in JavaScript (e.g. Gmail). This is not restricted to JavaScript application in the browser only, but it can be deployed very efficiently on the server side as well. Thus, the resulting uniformity in the development brings high degree of flexibility, speeds up the development process and simplifies cooperation. If you like to know more about how JavaScript can generate value to your business, please feel free to contact us.

  • Simple and User-oriented Applications
  • Efficient Maintenance and Development
  • Simple and Fast Development Processes
  • Code Reusability between All Components
  • Strong and Free Frameworks & Libraries with Big Communities


Web Applications (Client) with Angular

Angular is a client side JavaScript framework for building web applications (Single-Page-Web-Apps). It is developed as open source framework by Google and by an online community. Angular is very powerful and rich in functionality and compared to older technologies, such as JQuery & Co., much more simple, efficient and clean. The modular design of the applications enables uncomplicated parallel development.


We are Angular specialists and we completed successfully countless projects with Angular, among others, from simple and intuitive search-applications to complex specialized Geo-Information applications.


Web Services (Server) with Node.js

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment built for Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. In most cases Node.js runs on the server side and can be used to implement web server or web services. In addition, Node.js offers special event loop feature in order to handle very high number of simultaneous throughput.
Node.js has proved itself by Wabion in many projects as stable and reliable environment. Moreover, it has also showed reduced development time and flexibility towards meeting agile customer needs.


Real-time Database Combined with JavaScript

Firebase is a powerful back-end application (as a Service) from Google. Distinguished itself above all, by its solid integrated real-time technology. Data is stored directly in JSON format, which makes object-relational mapping unnecessary. Furthermore, Firebase offers large-scale user authorization and that enables highly secure web applications.


With the help of Firebase we are able to develop applications within short time, which allow hundreds of users to work collaboratively on a project.