Business Location Services

This is how costumers find your business

Business Location Services

Correct listing data on Google lets your customers find your business in the right place and always with up-to-date opening hours. It’s easier to achieve than you think.


With our Business Location Services, we keep the data of your locations on Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business always up to date.

Correct and up-to-date business data not only brings customers to your store and boosts your conversion rate, but also improves your Google ranking. Whether sports shop, gas station, ATM, mailbox or parcel shop, your customers depend on finding your locations with correct data on Google.

We look after your store data on the web. You take care of maintaining your store data in your own system – and only there, because that’s work enough.

How it works: you take care of maintaining your location data in your own system and we ensure that the same data entries are always up-to-date with Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business.

Awarded winner of the Google Maps for Work 2016 Location Innovation Challenge.


More Customers

Better data brings customers into your stores

Our optimized management of your business entries in Google keeps these correct and up-to-date. Customers find your listings easier than those of your competitors, they can be properly routed to your stores during business hours, or reach your hotline at the right number. This will allow more customers to contact you and visit your stores. Customer satisfaction is growing and customer loyalty is increasing. Well maintained location on Google will help your omnichannel strategy significantly.

Better Google Presence

Well maintained data improves your Google ranking

Up-to-date data that is harmonized with your website, high quality and up-to-date photos, many active reviewers, proper categorization and regular response to user suggestions – these are all things that significantly improve your presence on Google. Your entry will go up in the ranking and your findability will increase.

Automatic Update

Service instead of upload dashboards or logins

We offer an API service with which we transfer your data from your systems directly to Google via our location service platform. Always up-to-date and without any upload on your part. You maintain your data only in your systems. Our location experts take care of the quality of your location data, compliance with Google policies, data cleansing and updates, and enrichment to improve the ranking.

Experienced Location Experts

You do not have to learn Google My Business yourself

​You benefit from our know-how, commitment and our Google contacts. Our Business Location Management Service is optimized for companies with many locations. Our location experts manage tens of thousands of locations in a wide variety of industries globally, which is our core business. We master all tips and tricks, from the first entry to claiming to categorization of business entries in Google.

Review Dashboard and Reputation Management

Your social media team responds directly to reviews

Reviews from your customers are a valuable feedback. Answers to reviews are a great opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. Thousands of customer reviews are published every month for companies with many business entries – and the trend is rising. Our review dashboard gives you an overview of the scores of all your business records. You or your social media team can respond directly to ratings from customers through the dashboard. Ratings can be filtered by various criteria and downloaded for analysis.

No more False Entries and Duplicates

We delete duplicates that worsen your ranking and SEO

Your locations will be corrected and updated for you on Google Maps. Obsolete, incorrect or duplicate entries in Google are constantly being tracked down and cleaned up by our Location Experts on the basis of various search parameters. Customers always find the right entries with current location data.

What you do once

  • Data export from CMS/ SAP

    Export your current location data from your own System (eg CMS or SAP)

  • Create JSON with your location data

    You create a structured JSON by template -
    From your store data for the ongoing data update.

  • g-Xperts Location Experts take over

    No more hassle with uploads, dashboards, imports or support tickets - g-Xperts offers you full service.

If you want your location data to be always up-to-date on Google, but you do not want to build up capacity and corresponding know-how, then you’ve come to the right place.

We automatically synchronise your location data via our service to Google

Our location experts constantly monitor the quality of the data and the process of data cleansing and updates

We take over updates directly from your data record (eg CMS or SAP)

Our location data management is optimized for companies with many locations

You retain control of your data, which you can change at any time in your own system

More customers visit your stores

Your locations will be corrected and updated online with the power of Google Maps

Incorrect entries and duplicates are constantly tracked down and deleted

User ratings and reviews are valuable feedback, your social media team will get them daily to respond to or for evaluation

Ratings improve due to higher customer satisfaction

Your presence on Google will be significantly improved


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