CARTO Location Intelligence


Location Intelligence Software for Every Business Challenge

CARTO is the platform for turning location data into business outcomes.

CARTO Builder

Builder is self-service location intelligence software for business analysts. Create drag and drop analysis, visualize complex data, and deploy location applications that optimize your business operations. Free yourself from reliance on GIS specialists and put the power of location intelligence directly in your hands.


  • Drag and drop analytics – From finding nearest location to spatial machine learning with no coding or data science experience needed.
  • Interactive widgets – A point and click interface for building location applications and dashboards.
  • Auto-style and cartography – Create beautiful designs with CartoColors or completely customize your color schemes. Auto-style based on datausing widgets.
  • Rapid application deployment – Instantly publish public and protected location applications that update when your data does.

CARTO Engine – Power your Apps with Location Intelligence

Engine gives developers the fastest path to deploying custom Location Intelligence solutions and solving specialized location problems. From data enrichment to analysis and visualization, Engine is the one-stop shop for developers to power location applications in their organization.


  • APIs ​- Interact directly with your database from the front end, render maps from scratch or CARTO Builder, import and process large spatial datasets, and access location data services with ease.
  • Development libraries​ ​- Customize location applications, visualize and manipulate data from code, animate spatial time-series data, and build enterprise-ready dashboards.

Data Observatory

Discover what your data isn’t telling you

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with thousands of demographic, economic, and real estate datasets. CARTO Data Observatory provides out of the box access to everything from commuting patterns to household income.


  • Thousands of spatial measurements​ – Identify key human, physical, or financial factors at specific points of interest.
  • Data augmentation​ – Enrich your own data and analysis with everything from home prices to commuting patterns.
  • Population segments​ – Access predetermined population clusters to identify where new clients can be reached.