Google Cloud Platform

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Bring your solutions to Google Cloud, complete or hybrid, tailor-made for you.


Google Cloud stands for security, flexibility and constant availability of data. Moving to the Google Cloud Platform still needs to be well planned. Google provides best practice examples and g-Xperts guarantees a safe and efficient transition.


From Scratch or Migrations

We develop state-of-the-art applications using Google Cloud Platform, we specialize on serverless solutions using Google App Engine and Google Firebase. Likewise, we bring legacy applications to the platform. Goal is maximum efficiency and smooth operation of your digital business solutions for years to come.


​We support migration of virtual on-premise solutions to the cloud and help integrating cloud applications with legacy systems.

Google Cloud Platform

With Google Cloud’s planet-scale computing on one of the world’s largest and fastest private networks we build and scale faster. Creating a complete and comprehensive as well as highly secure cloud infrastructure for your business applications. Building Applications and scale automatically with no upfront cost, billing per second only for what you use.


Security for users and data in the Google Cloud is the result of a continuous process over the past years addressing all aspects of using Google Cloud, Gmail, Google Search, and other applications. You can also transfer this security model to your applications and data. All Google services are subject to the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Google Cloud Products we mainly work with

Google Cloud offers more than 100 products of which we are experienced in working with several, depending on the projects and use cases. We use App Engine and Cloud Datastore as well as Big Query for many Web Applications, we take advantage Cloud Pub/Sub to stream large amounts of data into the application and Compute Engine or Datastore. Cloud Functions is part of almost anything and we use Firstore of course when it comes to flexible and scalable mobile apps development.

App Engine

Fully managed serverless application platform for building highly scalable applications.

  • Open & familiar languages and tools, like Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, C#, .Net, Ruby and Go or bring your own language runtimes and frameworks
  • Focus just on writing code, without the worry of managing the underlying infrastructure.
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Keep operational cost very low

Cloud Compute Engine

Offers High-Performance, Scalable VMs and delivers virtual machines running in Google’s innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network. Compute Engine’s tooling and workflow support enable scaling from single instances to global, load-balanced cloud computing.

  • Industry Leading Price & Performance
  • Low Cost, Automatic Discounts – Google bills in second-level increments, so you only pay for the compute time you use
  • Fast & Efficient Networking
    Create large compute clusters that benefit from strong and consistent cross-machine bandwidth.
  • Environmentally Friendly Global Network – Google infrastructure is entirely carbon-neutral.
  • Flexibility for Every Workload – Pricing model won’t lock you into obsolete machine types with upfront agreements.

Cloud Datastore

Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database for your web and mobile applications

  • With Cloud Datastore’s RESTful interface, data can easily be accessed by any deployment target.
  • You can build solutions that span across App Engine and Compute Engine, and rely on Cloud Datastore as the integration point.
  • Fast & Highly Scalable
  • Easy to Use Query Language

Big Query

Google´s unique, fast, highly scalable, cost-effective, and fully managed cloud data warehouse for analytics, with built-in machine learning.

  • Get it up and running fast
  • Scale seamlessly
  • Accelerate your insights with powerful analysis

Google Firestore

Build apps fast, without managing infrastructure

Firestore gives you functionality like analytics, databases, messaging and crash reporting so you can move quickly and focus on your users. Firestore helps mobile app teams succeed as it is a comprehensive mobile development platform.

  • Build serverless apps
  • Sync data across devices, on or offline
  • Simple and effortless
  • Enterprise-grade, scalable NoSQL

Cloud Pub/Sub

  • Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics
  • Deliver event data wherever you need it
  • Build multi-cloud and hybrid applications on open architecture
  • Scale responsively and automatically
  • Bring reliability and security tools to real-time apps

Cloud Functions

Google´s event-driven serverless compute platform for creating Microservices

  • Simplest way to run your code in the cloud
  • Automatically scales, highly available and fault tolerant
  • No servers to provision, manage, patch or update
  • Pay only while your code runs
  • Connects and extends cloud services

Kubernetes and Docker

Google´s innovative technology allows us to seamlessly deploy and manage our applications across platforms, clouds and continents.
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