Google Maps and Geo Solutions

Make Better Decisions

Optimize business processes using Google Maps APIs and

g-Xperts Geo Solutions and Services based on Google Maps.


Everything happens somewhere. This is why visualising business data in Google Maps helps to make better decisions, gain new perspectives and ask the right questions.

Where do customers live and work, where should new shops be opened, how much do possible earthquakes most likely influence business, in which areas is the highest per capita sales in and where is the competition at? These and many other questions are crucial for business decision-making processes.


With the help of location intelligence, you can analyse, compare, simulate, predict and enrich your data and publish or share your results – for anywhere.

g-Xperts ist your first address when it comes to licensing Google Maps Premium Plan for business use cases like internal applications, asset tracking and high volume websites.

Plus: we are experts for maps based applications in many areas with great experience in cloud based technology.

Partners and Products

For geo solutions we work with Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform, CARTO, GeoServer, QGIS etc.
and our own solutions and services to achieve industry leading results.

Overview of our Geo Products and Services

Google Maps Platform

Route Planning and Dynamic Routing for Delivery (Web & Mobile App)

Remote Sensing Systems & Sustainability Assessment System for Agricultural Production

Insurance Risk and Claims Management

CARTO Location Intelligence