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Remote Sensing and Assesment

Remote Sensing Systems & Sustainability Assessment System for Agricultural Production

Remote Sensing and Assessment

Remote sensing can be used to analyse remote areas based on maps and layer data. This data can be connected live, updated regularly and hosted in the system.


Based on Google Maps APIs and CARTO we have created a web based solution for remote sensing and assessment as well as online certification of sustainable agricultural production.

GRAS is a very high value example for sustainability assessment for agricultural production sites by using remote sensing. It is used by assessors for exploring remote areas and calculating legally binding reports on land use change and other indices.

In March 2016 Dr. Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director of Meo Carbon Solutions, posted on the official Google Maps Blog.

You can find the original blog post here.

Over the last years we have constantly extended and enhanced the analytical possibilities and the use cases for GRAS and we are constantly improving and extending the system.

Device Frame

Latest Development

Sustainable Development

  • Track all palm oil deliveries from start until end
  • Centralizing and monitoring data about palm oil plantations
  • Manage all data in one single platform
  • Mapping all data and analysing land use
  • Prepare for certification audits and analyze specific areas